#views #spiceroute

Friday we got the day off because the political scene here is pretty bad. Many people dislike the president of South Africa – sounds familiar. And there were scheduled protests for Friday, so we were encouraged to stay inside or far away from the protests. We went to Kirstenbosch Botanical gardens to explore, got lunch and then we hiked Lions Head for the sunset! This was one of the most magical nights!! The hike was actually difficult because it gets very steep toward the top!! But the views are so worth it!

Saturday we did Table! My second time but honestly it doesn’t get old! And this time we did it in 3.5 hours, which is pretty good!!

Skeleton gorge, we meet again.

Then I went straight to the airport because Zach was arriving!!! 😁 picked him up and then we went to see a Stormers rugby game! It was my first rugby game and it was so awesome because they are extremely passionate about rugby here!! Very cool!

Sunday we went to Cape Point, Cape of Good Hope and the spice route!! The spice route was new for me!!

I lovedddd the spice route!! It is a little village with a brewery, winery, chocolatier, coffee roastery, deli, restaurant and shops!! It was the cutest place and it was surrounded by vineyards! We had some food and did a wine taste! We also did a chocolate taste! Then we just chilled at the restaurant until sunset and headed home. It was the besttttt day!!

It’s so nice to be experiencing all of this with great people 🙂


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